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Luke-ing For You!

We're going to be out "Luke-ing" for K102 fans all week and giving away tickets to the big Luke Bryan concert! If we find you and you're listening to K102, you win! Every hour, we'll let you know where we will be looking! If it's where you are, or somewhere you can get to, let us know via Twitter, Facebook, Email or call us at 651-989-5102 and tell us who you are and where you will be! If we come find you and you're listening to K102, YOU WIN! We'll be giving away all kinds of tickets INCLUDING tickets in the first five rows at the concert! GOOD LUCK!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the announced Zip Codes the only places you guys are going to be looking? No! We're going to be all over the city looking so make sure you have K102 turned up loud so we can hear it!
  • How are you going to find me if I'm in the area? Make sure you tell us your name and where you will be listening on Twitter, Facebook, Email or by calling us at 651-989-5102. Then make sure you have K102 cranked up so we can find you!
  • Should I stop somewhere and wait for you to show up? No, keep goign about your day as your normally would. Just keep telling us where you are.

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