6 Ways to Take a 'Stay'cation

If a vacation simply isn't an option right now, you can still relax with these 6 'stay'cation ideas!

    1. Disconnect to reconnect
    Constantly being on your phone or laptop is actually more draining than it is energizing. Human interaction makes us feel alive, so opt for a lunch date with a friend instead and catch up without technology interfering.

    Photo Credit: Scott Swigart
    2. Spa serenity
    The possibilities for a spa day are endless: a DIY facial, a bubble bath, a paraffin wax foot spa all while diving into a good book are just some ideas. You could even find a masseuse that does house calls!

    Photo Credit: Dennis Wong
    3. Pour your energy into a hobby
    Think back before work took over your had other interests, didn't you? Whether it be playing piano, photography, crocheting, fixing cars or gardening, spend time doing what you once loved.

    Photo Credit: **RCB**
    4. Seafood dinner
    You may not be situated seaside, but don't let that dissuade you from cooking up some delectable seafood for dinner. The taste of crab legs, lobster or filleted fish can practically transport you to that outdoor restaurant in Mexico you've been dreaming of.

    Photo Credit: D Sharon Pruitt
    5. Be a hotel guest
    You can make home as far away as you'd like in your mind, even if you're still technically in the same state. Go soak away all your worries in the indoor jacuzzi or pool for the night and order room service for dinner. You deserve it!

    Photo Credit: William Warby
    6. Hometown tourist
    Chances are you haven't explored every inch of your town or a neighboring city, so now's your chance to finally check out that antique or comic book store that you've always wanted to stop at.

    Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez