Days to Start Celebrating: Weird February Holidays

Every day should be worth celebrating, right? From Sword Swallower's Day to Public Sleeping Day, look no further than our list of weird holidays you just might begin celebrating now that you know they exist!

    February 1st: Working Naked Day
    Woah, woah, woah, keep the pants on. The title implies that showing up to your place of work naked is A-OK on this holiday, but it is actually meant to celebrate the freedom of being able to work from home. So now we mean it when we say what you do in the privacy of your own home is your own business!

    Photo Credit: Britt Selvitelle
    February 2nd: Groundhog Day
    You're probably already familiar with this day celebrated mid-winter, but here's a refresher of the legend: The groundhog awakens from a long winter's nap and ventures outside to see if he sees his shadow. If he does in fact see it (a sunny day), there will be 6 more weeks of winter and he returns to his den to sleep. If he doesn't (a cloudy day), he plays outside his hole for a while meaning that spring is just around the corner.

    Photo Credit: Matt MacGillivray
    February 3rd: Carrot Cake Day
    This otherwise bland veggie really gets a boost when it's added to a cake! During World War II, the British government rationed what they considered to be luxury goods, which at the time included sugar. To appease the nation's sweet cravings, the Ministry of Food promoted this sweet vegetable to be used in baked goods.

    Photo Credit: Kate Haskell
    February 4th: Thank a Mailman Day
    Don't kill the messenger! No, seriously, today is the day to appreciate the person that endures the weather and your snarling guard dog 6 days a week to deliver your mail.

    Photo Credit: Bogdan Suditu
    February 5th: National Weatherman's Day
    Today's the day to pay tribute to the meteorologists that monitor the often unpredictable weather. You could call them a lifesaver for urging you to bring an umbrella to work the following day, but forecasting tornados, hurricanes and other storms are clearly even more crucial.

    Photo Credit: Paul Wordingham
    February 6th: Lame Duck Day
    This day actually has nothing to do with the quacking animal, but is instead dedicated to those whose tenure in a position is running out. This term is common for the non-productive time period between presidential elections that take place in November and the actual inauguration in January, though this day is also dedicated to everyday leaders and managers in the workplace who are retiring or whose term of office is up.

    Photo Credit: Pierre-Selim
    February 7th: Bubblegum Day
    The idea behind this holiday is for schools, libraries, businesses or any kind of community center to raise money for a charity of their choice. Everyone who donates 50 cents or more gets to chew gum for the day in a place where it's normally prohibited with proceeds going toward the charity.

    Photo Credit: Beatrice Murch
    February 8th: Kite Flying Day
    Perhaps as an incentive to brave the cold and snow in the middle of winter, February 8th is officially kite flying day. There aren't any age or temperature limitations on this day, so get out and enjoy it!

    Photo Credit: Karen Blaha
    February 9th: Toothache Day
    No one really knows the origin of this painful holiday, but some speculate this specific day was selected because it is the date that Hershey Corporation was founded.

    Photo Credit: Bruce SuperFantastic
    February 10th: Clean Out Your Computer Day
    Don't forget to get a head start on spring cleaning by remembering to erase old files off your computer as well. No matter the massive storage capacity, because over time those unused programs will clog memory and slow down the computer's processing time.

    Photo Credit: Faramarz Hashemi
    February 11th: White T-shirt Day
    If you're a fan of this colorless fashion basic, this day is for you. The tradition dates back to 1937 when employees of General Motors ended a union strike for fairer working conditions, as resembled by wearing a white T.

    Photo Credit: Steenbergs
    February 12th: Plum Pudding Day
    Plums are popular in Asian cuisine, so that's probably where this strangely celebrated day originated. Truthfully, you probably wouldn't even think about plum pudding let alone try it if there wasn't a designated day for it, so consider this your chance to eat up!

    Photo Credit: Lachlan Hardy
    February 13th: Get a Different Name Day
    The 'Apple's and 'Blanket's of the celebrity child world may want to listen up! Not all are a fan of the name bestowed upon them by their parents, so today is the day to either legally (or just for fun) change that moniker to whatever else they desire.

    Photo Credit: EUGENE HOOD
    February 14th: Ferris Wheel Day
    George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., a civil engineer, debuted his invention of the ferris wheel at an exhibition in Chicago in 1893. The point of this day is to celebrate this great inventor and his creation, but given the usual weather on February 14th you may just have to settle for admiring old summer photos from the state fair.

    Photo Credit: amber.kennedy
    February 15th: Singles Awareness Day
    As if The Day of Love itself wasn't awareness enough, the loners now have an excuse to continue to wallow in self-pity all the way into the next day after Valentine's Day!

    Photo Credit: Kate Ter Haar
    February 16th: Do a Grouch a Favor Day
    Even the old guy who yells at the poor neighbor kid each day to 'get off his lawn' deserves a favor every once in awhile.

    Photo Credit: greg westfall
    February 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day
    There's a reason stories of strangers paying for other stranger's groceries go viral. Those heartwarming tales of doing something special for others for no reason at all inspires us to do it ourselves!

    Photo Credit: William Warby
    February 18th: Battery Day
    The convenience of the battery has made our lives so much easier. Imagine how ridiculous John Cusack in Say Anything would have looked in that monumental scene holding his boom box with a long extension cord attached to it. So couch potatoes everywhere, rejoice! For now you are able to change the channel from your seat with that handy remote control instead of walking the 5 steps to the television set.

    Photo Credit: Rob Nunn
    February 19th: Mint Chocolate Day
    What better way to trick yourself into thinking chocolate is healthy? Mint chocolate in cakes, ice creams or desserts is often such a refreshing treat that you may forget it still is not the greatest for you. No matter, because today is the day to indulge!

    Photo Credit: TheDeliciousLife
    February 20th: Love Your Pet Day
    Did your dog just scarf that entire plate of chocolate cupcakes you made from scratch? Or did your cat knock over and shatter late Grandma Betty's urn on the mantel above the fireplace? Then today is their lucky day, because you still have to love them unconditionally. Tomorrow, however...

    Photo Credit: Michael Rheault
    February 21st: Card Reading Day
    Maybe we should have thought twice before labeling "Hallmark Holidays," because now the card company Gods have ruled against us once again by inventing Card Reading Day. Even handmade cards will work for this day too though, so get the cycle started by sending a special card to someone today!

    Photo Credit: liz west
    February 22nd: Margarita Day, Open That Bottle Night and Sword Swallower's Day
    A triple whammy: Margarita Day, Open That Bottle Night and Sword Swallower's Day. The order here is key because Kenny Chesney tells us that "you and tequila make me crazy," and afterwards we can open and enjoy fine wines and champagnes. Then after, and only after, you may think sword swallowing is a good idea. Do we even need to say to NOT try this at home?

    Photo Credit: TheCulinaryGeek
    February 23rd: Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
    You've probably felt pretty happy about things in your life before, like finding a close parking spot at the mall, not burning the popcorn or the birth for your first child, for example. Though all those things are darn exciting, that still probably hasn't even come close to how unabashedly happy your dog gets when they hear the word T-R-E-A-T. So hand over an extra Beggin’ Strip or "accidentally" drop a chunk of steak on the ground at dinner and make your pet's day a special one!

    Photo Credit: Philip Bump
    February 24th: Tortilla Chip Day
    The tortilla chip: filling the bellies of people at Mexican restaurants everywhere before they've even taken a look at the menu. This staple item is versatile for any kind of dip or nacho combination you could possibly think of, and we suggest pairing it with the drink featured on February 22nd and calling it a fiesta.

    Photo Credit: Chris Waits
    February 25th: Pistol Patent Day
    Arguably we have all run into a situation where we've said to ourselves, "Oh boy, I don't have a pistol patent!" On this day in 1836, Samuel Colt received patent #138 for his invention of the pistol, so in order to participate in this wacky holiday you need to have a new pistol design. Shoot! We'll let you get to work.

    Photo Credit: Naval History & Heritage Command
    February 26th: For Pete's Sake Day
    Why not celebrate the day we burn our knuckles in the oven or get our foot ran over by a 4 wheeler? For Pete's Sake Day makes these situations much easier by providing a more polite phrase rather than shouting a curse word. Also common and acceptable: "Son of a biscuit!" or "For crying out loud!"

    Photo Credit: David K
    February 27th: Polar Bear Day
    Did you know the polar bear is the largest carnivore, growing as large as 9 feet in height? So not only are they cute, but they could also eat you. Aww, talk about adorable!

    Photo Credit: irishwildcat
    February 28th: Public Sleeping Day
    You've probably been looking for an excuse to pass out on your desk at work or catch a few z's in the car. Though we don't recommend either of those things, today is your chance to snooze wherever you choose!

    Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon
    February 29th: Leap Day
    Without getting too mathematical or scientific, leap year occurs every four years except years ending in “00” that are not divisible by 400 (thus why there was not a leap day in 1900 but there was in the year 2000). We have one extra day every four years to keep the calendar consistent with the Earth's annual trip around the sun. The next leap year will be February 29, 2016! Fun fact: Only 1 in every 1, 461 people celebrate their birthday on leap day.

    Photo Credit: Kevin Gill