Days to Start Celebrating: Weird March Holidays

Every day should be worth celebrating, right? From Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day to Earmuffs Day, look no further than our list of weird holidays you just might begin celebrating now that you know they exist!

    March 1st: Pig Day
    Whether you're a fan of the cute pink piglets or the brown and sizzled kind, today is the day to celebrate the messy pig. Fun fact: Unknown to most, the pig is actually a quite clever and intelligent animal.

    Photo Credit: Tim Geers
    March 2nd: Old Stuff Day
    It's a day to be nostalgic and appreciate the vintage items in your life, for example old photos, VHS tapes or maybe even your childhood baby blanket.

    Photo Credit: vv@ldzen
    March 3rd: If Pets Had Thumbs Day
    Your pets already cause plenty of mischief as it is, so just imagine what they could accomplish with opposable thumbs. Maybe they'd get caught opening the refrigerator door on Thanksgiving or they'd have to tend to their own litter box for a change. Today is a day to wonder (and more than likely be thankful) that your pet is thumbless!

    Photo Credit: Tomi Tapio
    March 4th: Grammar Day
    Are you a Grammar Nazi? If so, today you are able to shamelessly correct those who say or write anything incorrectly presumabely without losing said friends or receiving a death glare in return.

    Photo Credit: DFAT
    March 5th: Cheese Doodle Day
    March 5th celebrates the day of the cheese doodle, more commonly known as a Cheeto (original or puffed, take your pick.) It's hard to imagine a time without the glorious cornmeal snack coated in artificial cheese that stains our fingers an alarming orange.

    Photo Credit: jeffeaton
    March 6th: Frozen Food Day
    Inaugurated by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, Frozen Food Day was created by Clarence Birdseye who saw an Inuit eating thawed fish that had been frozen months earlier. Some ideas to celebrate this day: Start by popping a frozen waffle in the toaster, then end the day with one of those frozen entrees you see steaming in the commercials!

    Photo Credit: stevendepolo
    March 7th: Employee Appreciation Day
    The first Friday in March is the day to appreciate the minions, no matter what job they hold. The holiday was instated in 1995 and is exactly 6 months after Boss's Day.

    Photo Credit: Victor1558
    March 8th: Women's Day
    The first International Woman's Day dates back to March 11, 1911 and before that was held on the last Sunday in February, 1908. Today it is internationally sponsored by the United Nations and celebrates female workers and advancing women's rights.

    Photo Credit: Grandpa & Grandma T.
    March 9th: Panic Day
    Panic is a natural reaction to failing alarm clocks or spilling coffee on your laptop, and normally we are expected to "keep calm and carry on." Well not today! On March 9th, one can finally succumb to those looming pressures and run aimlessly in a circle, scream in terror or spread this contagious emotion to others.

    Photo Credit: Johan Larsson
    March 10th: Fill Our Staplers Day
    There are few things more irritating than what appears to be a jammed stapler, only to open it and find it is void of tiny metal U's that cinch your papers together. To keep on your coworkers' good side, remember to stock those staplers and avoid a full-on workplace crisis.

    Photo Credit: PhotoAtelier
    March 11th: World Plumbing Day
    A day to appreciate running water from sinks, toilets and the like! As strange as it is to have a day in its honor, one can't deny that life would be a whole lot different and inconvenient without the invention of plumbing!

    Photo Credit: spierzchala
    March 12th: Girl Scout Day
    Most people might celebrate these entrepreneurial young women by devouring an entire sleeve of Thin Mints Cookies in one sitting, but while you do that at least know that the first-ever Girl Scout group was a huge breakthrough upon its creation on March 12, 1912.

    Photo Credit: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar
    March 13th: Earmuffs Day
    Unfortunately, having a day dedicated to earmuffs doesn't suddenly make them cool and/or stylish. But now if your friend once again makes fun of your fuzzy pink muffs today, you have an excuse to retort "Why AREN'T you wearing them? Why, it's earmuffs day!" Ha, you showed them.

    Photo Credit: Robynlou8
    March 14th: Pi Day
    Time to release your inner nerd! That funky looking symbol that tripped you up in math class is back with a vengeance on 3.14, or March 14th. It is also Albert Einstein's birthday, though Pi was around long before he was born in 1879.

    Photo Credit: J. Gabas Esteban
    March 15th: Corn Dog Day
    Who can say no to a hotdog wrapped in fried dough? Answer: certainly not the majority of Americans at fairs and carnivals around the country!

    Photo Credit: Andreanna Moya Photography
    March 16th: Freedom of Information Day
    Opening information to the public regarding any form of accessible data is generally considered a good thing. However, you hold responsibility for the inevitable move after you decide to check out that online database that tracks pedophiles living in your neighborhood.

    Photo Credit: Pen Waggener
    March 17th: Submarine Day
    If The Beatles had their way we'd all be living in a yellow submarine, and though it sounds psychedelic, one might argue that submersing hundreds of feet underwater in a cramped metal tube isn't for everyone. So, maybe just celebrate this day with a good ole' fashioned Titanic documentary.

    Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery
    March 18th: Awkward Moments Day
    There are just so many everyday occurrences to choose from where we wish the ground would open up and swallow us: the toilet paper trail stuck to your shoe for the last hour? The side-to-side dance when you're walking head on with a total stranger? Playing off that noise in a packed elevator as your squeaky shoe? Well today is your opportunity to shrug and laugh it off!

    Photo Credit: Nicki Varkevisser
    March 19th: Poultry Day
    Just think, the popular phrase "it tastes like chicken!" would cease to exist without the delicious birds (turkey, duck and pheasants included) that are raised for us to eat their meat and eggs.

    Photo Credit: UnitedSoybeanBoard
    March 20th: Snowman Burning Day
    Sorry Frosty, but by March 20th most people simply want winter to end and spring to begin. If your snowman is still intact on this day, shield the kids' eyes and melt that baby to the ground by any means possible.

    Photo Credit: wwarby
    March 21st: Puppy Day
    They chase their own tales, use the carpet as their personal toilet and teeth their way through all your favorite shoes, but no matter what puppies are just plain cute. Today you might consider adopting a pup that is in need of a loving home!

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    March 22nd: Goof Off Day
    Now you have an excuse to do anything and everything you desire today, just as long as it's not what you're supposed to be doing.

    Photo Credit: askrenryan
    March 23rd: Near Miss Day
    On March 23rd, 1989, the Earth escaped a fate of an asteroid the size of a mountain hitting our planet. Luckily it was instead deemed a 'near miss' by 500,000 miles, but had it hit, it would have left a crater the size of Washington D.C. Whew, that was a close one!

    Photo Credit: Dreaming in the deep south
    March 24th: Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
    Isn't there just something magical about the combination of chocolate and dried fruit? These little treats are addicting, but thanks to this designated holiday there are no rules or limits!

    Photo Credit: donjd2
    March 25th: Waffles Day
    International Waffle Day originated in Sweden, though National Waffle Day is on August 24th to celebrate the first waffle iron invented in 1869. Originally, the waffle dates back to the 1300s in Greece.

    Photo Credit: TheCulinaryGeek
    March 26th: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
    If none of these festivities strike your fancy, now you can make up your own holiday to rejoice in! So throw on that triangular party hat and celebrate, well, whatever you want.

    Photo Credit: ADoseofShipBoy
    March 27th: Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
    To name only a couple, there's Johnny Cash's "Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart" and "Drop Kick Me Jesus (Through the Goal Posts of Life)" by Bobby Bare. Feel free to blast these and other quirky country tunes on this holiday, y'all!

    Photo Credit: kevin dooley
    March 28th: Something on a Stick Day
    Think big on this day: we're talking pronto pups, a giant pickle, ice cream bars, cheese cubes on a toothpick, lollipops, caramel apples and even those marshmallows over a campfire. Celebrate to the point where your blood sugar can't take it anymore, and then please remember brush your teeth afterwards.

    Photo Credit: stevendepolo
    March 29th: Smoke and Mirrors Day
    The phrase "it's all smoke and mirrors" refers to magicians using the manner of distraction so the audience fails to see what's really going on. Smoke and mirrors can also refer to "legalese" language that lawyers use to make sure no one else understands what they're talking about. Trickery, deceit, deception! It's all acceptable today.

    Photo Credit: Centophobia
    March 30th: Doctor's Day
    On March 30th, 1933, doctors used the first general anesthesia in surgery, but President George Bush officially established the first National Doctor's Day in 1990. We suggest no apples on this day either because only today you don't want to keep the doctor away!

    Photo Credit: Keith Ramsey
    March 31st: Crayola Crayon Day
    Embrace your inner child on Crayola Crayon Day with the more than 400 colors that have been produced since 1903! If you're feeling ambitious, go purchase a coloring book and the large core set of 120 crayons with the fancy sharpener built into the box and be the envy of kindergarteners everywhere. Oh, and stay inside the lines!

    Photo Credit: PaulSteinJC