Winter Blues? 7 Vitamins You Need in Your Diet

The winter blues can take a toll on our bodies both mentally and physically. Take a look at these essential vitamins to add to your diet—either in a supplement or in food—to combat winter illnesses and fatigue.

    1. Vitamin C
    Why you need it: Though originally thought to fend off the common cold, Vitamin C can't actually do anything once you're infected. The antioxidant can, however, assist in the absorption of iron and formation of collagen for the skin. It's found in OJ and other citrus fruits.
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    2. Vitamin D
    Since you can't get enough of it just from food, the best way to naturally get Vitamin D is from direct exposure to the sun. It makes hundreds of proteins and enzymes in the body that protect the immune system from disease.
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    3. B-Vitamins
    It helps fight depression and boost your energy level. B-vitamins are in bread, leafy greens, red meat and egg yolks.
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    4. Zinc
    It prevents skin, hair and nails from getting brittle when it's cold and dry outside. Zinc is naturally found in raw almonds, dark chocolate, peanuts and pumpkin/squash seeds.
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    5. Iron
    It prevents fatigue and boosts brain function by carrying oxygen in the blood to your noggin. Find it in cereals, avocados, potato skins, lentils and lima beans.
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    6. Omega-3
    In addition to lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers, Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can reduce arthritis and joint pain.
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    7. Probiotics
    These "good bacteria" found in active live culture foods such as yogurt can help prevent bacterial infections and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
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